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A sustainable and
well thought-out backpack

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In practice, there is no obvious solution. Each of our actions has an impact on the environment; it is difficult to create a sustainable product.

We have researched, observed and in turn marked out our own path leading to the design of a sustainable and well-reasoned backpack.

Our approach is based on three fundamental principles: modularity, durability, and the choice of responsible materials. 

Modularity lets us consume less and consume better.

That is the basis of our thinking. Our primary objective is to increase the number of possible uses of our product, as our needs and practices constantly evolve.

We wanted this bag to fit every occasion, in order to avoid the unnecessary over-consumption of having different bags for the various activities we do. 


Lifetime guarantee: prolong the life cycle.

Sustainability is the second founding principle of our process. Increasing the life cycle of a product is essential in order to reduce its environmental impact. This is how we wanted to make our rucksacks: robust and easily repaired. Through our choice of materials and in our design, you can be sure of a lifetime guarantee. 

BACKPACK N°0.0 is designed with four panels in order to facilitate repair over replacement, and in turn to avoid surplus production. It was important for us to secure a lifetime guarantee for your bag. Why automatically replace a bag which can repaired?

Choice of materials: recycled, robust and certified. 

As a manufacturer, we only choose certified suppliers and can guarantee transparency at all stages of our supply chain.

The fibre which makes up our canvas consists of 100% recycled PET, certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard). The liners are upcycled from our supply partners’ surplus production, in order to reuse remaining stock and not waste anything. The buckles are certified Bluesign and the zips certified Oeko-Tex 100, from producers which specialise in quality materials, known for their sturdiness and sustainability. 

Oeko-Tex and Bluesign are international labels which certify zero body and environmental toxic chemicals, as well as total respect for the binding criteria on energy use and water consumption allowed.


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