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Garantie à vie

​We trust in our products, and we guarantee manufacturing quality
and material durability.


When we talk about life guarantee, it’s really for a lifetime

We check each bag to avoid any manufacturing defect. And we ensure you that our commitment is to make the best possible products and be more than present for the after-sales service.

Although we engage ourselves to cover the largest utilisation of our products, this guarantee does not cover the damage caused by an accident, an unusual utilisation, or a carelessness (no, we will not replace your bag if you use it to fuel your fireplace)

This guarantee does not cover the esthetical issues. By the way, if your bag does not have any marks, it’s probably because you don’t go strong enough.

But if you have any manufacturing defect that affects the product functionality, we will repair or replace your product with an equivalent product in the same or in better condition.

As we engage ourselves to keep our products as far away from being discarded as possible, you could receive a second-hand product which has been inspected and is guaranteed fully functional.

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Merci pour votre envoi !

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